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Animal Gardens opens up for its 2016 season to the public from May 28th through October 31st.

Spring brings new life to Animal Gardens. Babies are born,  bottle fed, and presented to all who visit us.


 Echo the Singing Bird!

Echo stars in America's Got Talent and right here at Animal Gardens! Whether it's on TV or live, our Exotic Bird Show is always entertaining and fun for everyone!


The Enchanting World of The Dancing Horses

You can also experience the enchantment of our Dancing Horses (additional charges apply). When you see the pageantry and the beautiful blending of skill and communications between horse and human, you will become enthralled with the music and the motion. You will slip into a world of imagination and enchantment. Watch the majesty of these exquisitely trained horses against the backdrop of our state-of-the-art Dancing Waters. The mesmerizing beauty and synchronization of the spectacularly illuminated Dancing Waters will take your breath away!

For more information, visit www.thedancinghorses.com

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